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Circular Saw Sharpening

I am advertising to Kitchen Fitters and Joinery companies that use these blades as they constantly get blunt fairly quickly with prolonged use. Average cost £40+ for a new blade. I sharpen at 30 pence a tooth e.g. 40 teeth at £12 and I will sharpen at your location for a fraction of the price than a new one. You will save on postage and turnaround time within Wilts, Hants area. Give me a Call!

saw blade sharpener allow’s sharpening of carbide-tipped and CV (chrome-vanadium) saw blades featuring a diameter of 80 – 700 mm.


CV steel
CV (chrome-vanadium) saw blades are made in one piece. The blade core and the teeth are made of the same material. The teeth are wrenched in alternate directions, then hardened and ground. CV steel is rather elastic and excellent material for very sharp teeth with a lot of bite. You should use CV blades if you want to obtain a good quality cut in soft wood. If CV blades are not regularly resharpened, the blade will become useless because the increased friction of the blunt teeth will cause their tips to ?burn out?. CV blades are rarely used on hard wood and composite materials because they tend to wear out quickly.

TC blades
So-called TC (tungsten-carbide) blades have small hard-soldered tungsten-carbide chips as teeth. Hard metal teeth are extremely heat-resistant and stay sharp much longer, i.e. they have a much longer service life and are especially recommended for hard wood and composite material which more than justifies the higher price when compared to CV blades. These properties have made TC blades replace CV blades almost completely off the market for hand-held circular saws.

Please inspect your blades for damage, missing tips and chips before you give them to me as you will be responsible should you use them if damaged. I have the right to refuse sharpening if damaged as I take no responsibility for subsequent use.