Saw & Tool Sharpening

A blunt tool, won’t cut it!

Performance can sag and become depressing after continued use with blunt tools, especially to the trained craftsman who will depend on their tools to create a product. If you are part of an institution/school that holds a dozen tools then give me a call and I will sharpen to new again. Find my prices here.

Chainsaw Sharpening

chainMany times I have used excessive force pushing my chainsaw through logs, this goes against all the principles of using a chainsaw. This should be an enjoyable experience and to finish off a sharp axe to chip them to size. Plan to get your chain sharpened in plenty of time before you intend to use it.

Tool Sharpening

The importance of sharp tools to a tradesman is paramount to be able to do their job safely and produce a finished product. I sharpen your irons and tools back to new using traditional methods, with the ability to repair and remove nicks to give a consistent straight edge.

I can sharpen carbide-tipped and CV (chrome-vanadium) saw blades featuring a diameter of 80 – 700 mm. See my price list for more info which will be a quarter of the cost to replace a new one.


Please inspect your blades for missing tips and chip damage before you give them to me, as I have the right to refuse sharpening if damaged. I will not be responsibility for subsequent use.