Scissor Sharpening


I sharpen all types of scissor to cover all trades, my scissor sharpening process puts a new and extremely sharp edge on your scissors giving excellent results.

Scissor Sharpening Process

Once I have sharpened with a diamond wheel, I test all scissors and shears to ensure they are working and cutting correctly, ensure the tips meet perfectly, clean, lubricate with a wax oil, replace washers, bumpers, finger stops, polish and balance as part of the process. If your scissors have a serration I will put a new serration back on the edge using a corrugation machine. I guarantee my work and allow you to test your scissor at your premise for complete satisfaction. Contact me today to discuss your requirement.
Check out my scissor sharpening prices to see how much a service would cost. I include all types of scissor, Tailor, Dressmaking, Stylist, Vet, Pinking Shears and Household scissors. I will be cheaper than a replacement.

I can attempt to re-set and sharpen your scissor even if you have dropped them so don’t write off your favourite pair.

Which Scissor?

Scissors are made from different grades of steel which has been selected to meet four important requirements: Hardness, Ductility, Abrasion Resistance and Corrosion Resistance. Cost is a factor, and can be as high as £200-£600 to the professional user for the best quality, however as long as they are comfortable and cutting to satisfaction this comes down to personal choice. Length of handle is also crucial see types of scissor for more information.


A bevelled edge is durable, long lasting and is the oldest blade design. The cutting edge is sharp but the angle of the blade edge allows for greater durability.


A convex blade is also known as a Japanese edge. It is the sharpest edge you can get on your scissors. It is also extremely fragile and can loose its edge if the hairdressing scissors are not being properly used or stored. Applying too much forward or backward thumb pressure, storing your scissors loose in a drawer or in the same pocket with other scissors or dropping them will knock the edge off your scissors.  Convex scissors are sharpened in a different way to Bevel which takes loner to sharpen hence slightly more expensive.
Types of Edge