Domestic & Garden Tool Sharpening


Garden tools including lawn mower blades, shears, Secateurs, axes’ to name a few should be serviced at least once a year for the domestic user. For those who are professional or the green fingered fanatic look at twice a year to maintain ease of use. The cost of our domestic tool sharpening is a fraction of the cost of replacement. See our prices.

“Every household needs sharp utensils”

If you are tired of your tools not performing and frustrated with hard work then think about getting them professionally maintained and sharpened. I am a great believer in paying for what you get, so don’t be afraid of buying a good quality 8” kitchen knife that will only cost £4.00 to sharpen and will last a lifetime compared to a cheaper alternative. If it has an edge consider recycling, sharpen it don’t throw it away.

Have any questions? Contact us today to discuss your sharpening needs.

  1. For an appointment please call me or message me through contact or email,
    I will require your name and type of service required.Secateurs
  2. I will arrange an appointment  and give an estimate of work and time to be agreed.
  3. If you are unable to keep our appointment please let me know at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Once you receive your sharpened tools/equipment, you are encouraged to test to your satisfaction. I will be happy to re-sharpen or adjust to requirement.
    I am fully insured as a Professional sharpening business specialising in our trade.

Special events: see Events & Village Support for more info!