Knife Sharpening


For Hotels and Restaurants, chef’s knives can be extremely expensive to buy depending on the quality of steel and process. Save money with our sharpening services. All domestic households will benefit from a sharp knife and don’t forget to use a wooden or plastic High-density polyethylene (HDPE) block to maintain the sharp edge when cutting.

Due to a number of factors it is impossible to give a time span on how often to sharpen. You, the chef, will know when performance is lacking and the blade becomes dull. I use traditional wet grinding methods to sharpen your knives, I offer a complete service and can repair and restore (broken tips & chipped blades) as part of the process, so don’t write off your favourite knife. Serrated carving knives can also be sharpened as I cater for local Carvery Restaurants.

Here is a before & after example of a Japanese Zelite high carbon stainless steel Chef knife with a decent chip out of the blade, I can repair most blades so don’t give up on a favourite. The owner was very happy with the result. Bent & broken tips can also be repaired so give me a call & see what I can do.

Honing & Sharpening Knives

Honing with a steel and sharpening, though not the same see here, complement each other. Doing both will allow you to keep your kitchen knives sharp with minimum wear. I recommend leaving the knife sharpening to a professional and with occasional honing you will be doing plenty.
If you’re looking for your knives to be sharpened, check out our price list and give me a call.

Good Quality Knives

Displayed below are some favourite brands. Be conscious of the handle and ensure it is comfortable in the hand before purchase. We are aware quality does come at cost and can be as high as £100+ for one knife, they can be either stamped or forged in production and are able to give equal performance.

MAC MTH-80 MAC Mighty Chef 8″ with dimplesMAC 80
Most common price: £119
Weight: 6.45 oz. (183 g)

Global G-2 8″ Cook’s Knife
Global 8 inchMost common price: £95
Weight: 5.85 oz. (165 g)

Tojiro DP F-808 8″
Gyoto Chef’s Knife Tojiro
Most common price: £60
Weight: 6.30 oz. (179 g)

Nenox S1 8″ GyutoNenox
Most common price: £330
Weight: 6.30 oz. (178 g)

Please remember to wash your knives after I have sharpened them due to polish that I use during the process Thank You.

Under British legal guidelines I will only sharpen knives and blades to persons over the age of 18. Please take care when handling your knives as they will have razor-sharp edges, no responsibility or liability for any accident or injury will be accepted on return.

I can sharpen all Hunting knives that have a bevel, but I will not sharpen any trophy knives that are not meant to have a sharp edge Thanks.