Clipper Blade Sharpening


Clippers are an expensive must have for Dog Groomers, Hairdressing, Veterinary and the Equestrian world. Most Groomers will have more than one clipper machine in case one fails, back up is a must to ensure a finished client.
With the average blade costing £30+ and a dozen blades of different sizes required to achieve every finish this can be extremely costly. Add your clipper machine’s costing around £150+ each it starts to get expensive. Call me to arrange an appointment and I will sharpen your dull blades to keep you in trim.

My fully automated system ensures that a good cutting and long lasting clipper blade is produced. I aim to give you a blade that is better than brand new. The two primary elements required for good cutting and long service life of the blade are: 1) the removal of the dull cutting radius on the tooth edge, 2) even tooth contact. I can achieve this by using the most advanced automated and technical machine to produce these results every time.

Inspection for damage missing teeth and wear will be reported to the customer before sharpening takes place. Please ensure that all hair is removed from your blades and they are clean on delivery, I have a right to refuse service or may add a surcharge £2.50 per blade. I will disinfect your blades and sharpen top and bottom cutters, oil and adjust socket tension and spring. I can sharpen all A5, Fav2 & A2 blades.

Clipper Machine Serviceprime-test-100

A service would be advised at least once a year. Electrical cable can fail which is a common fault due to the daily use and abuse, with the grooming customer occasionally kicking your tools off the table.
A service consisting of inspection, strip apart, clean, oil, grease, PAT test and replace service parts as required i.e. Air filter, Carbon brushes, Gear lever is well worth it, compared to the inconvenience of failure if and when it happens. If parts are required then I will contact you with a quote before doing any work (blades are charged separately). Discover our clipper sharpening prices, I am able to service and test grooming blasters and dryers give me a call to discuss your requirement.

I will inspect faulty machines for a one off fee of £25 irrespective of result i.e. no solution to repair (labour charge). If there is a repair solution a full service will be charged at £38 plus parts as I will fully service the machine and PAT test. (manufactured parts fitted will be guaranteed for 12 months). I will always inform you of price before carrying out any work.