Prices for sharpening

I offer National average prices within the UK, which gives value for money and focuses on recycling. Alternatively you can post your items to me or drop off at my address (normal turnaround 1-2 days), please call to discuss first, by appointment only.  Please  notice  Price Increase from 1st Jan 2023 on some items not all. I have increased my prices due to inflation and material costs.

Service Price
Kitchen Knife Sharpen learn more (heel to point) £0.50 per inch
Kitchen Ceramic Knives (heel to point) £1.50 per inch
Hunting Knives Types of grind  £1.50 per inch
Knife Repairs (chipped blade, new tip) £3.00-£6.00
Dog Nail Clippers £6.00
Nippers under 1.5″ £5.00
Household/Surgical Scissors £6.00
Dressmaking/Tailor Scissors/Pinking Shears £10.00
Bevel stylist/Groomer Scissors learn more   £15.00
Convex stylist/Groomer Scissors learn more  £18.00
Wood Axe Small £6.00
Wood Axe Large £8.00
Clipper Blade per set learn more  (Surcharge for dirty blades £2.50) £8 A5 £9 A2
Wahl, Arco Blade Sharpen (Includes new replacement top cutter) £12.00
Clipper Machine Service learn more  Faulty machine, I will charge an inspection fee to dismantle your clipper for repair (see Clipper Machine Service) for details £38.00 Inspection Charge £25.00
Wahl, Arco Replacement plastic Platform £5.00
Hand Saws from £15.00
Chainsaw learn more £8.00
Mower Blade (removed)/Secateurs/Garden Shears/Hoe/Lopers/Edgecutters/Billhook learn more £6.00 + Clean & Grease Service add £2.
Circular Saw Blades, carbide tip & CV 80-700 mm £0.30 per tooth
Postal item return will be First Class, Signed (£20 cover), I advise the same to send please. Invoices must be paid in full before return including the postal fee. If you require extra insurance cover (Special Delivery £500 cover) please inform me beforehand thanks. For info on sharp object postal advice please click here.