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Repetitive Strain Injuries

If you use knives or scissors on a daily basis you are vulnerable to R. S. I. (repetitive strain injuries) and C. P. S. (carpel tunnel syndrome).
Keeping your knives and scissors sharp will greatly reduce your chances of developing these conditions and generally make your job a whole lot easier, a blunt knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one as you unnecessarily need to force the tool to cut!

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Which Scissor for me?

First and foremost, use the size that’s appropriate to your hand. Then the scissor must feel comfortable to use.

Three types of scissor handle are the most popular

scissor typesSymmetric
A symmetric design makes it possible to use use both sides of the scissors or to change the way the scissors are held for a greater degree of freedom.

Offset or Semi Offset
The length of the handle grip differs between the still blade and moving blades. Offset handles easily fit the hand so the wrist, elbow and shoulder do not tire easily when opening or closing the scissors.
It is especially easy and popular for the ordinary blunt cut. Another name for this is the ergonomic handle. Various angles and designs are available in offset and semi-offset types so please select according to preference.

Finger hole
Regular and small sizes are available. A finger ring can be attached to reduce the size of the finger hole. Finger rings come in 3 sizes and many colours which I hold in stock for this purpose.