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Horse Clipping Season is on!

This year again has been quite manic with the cold season for clipping your horse well and truly on! I can service your clippers and sharpen your blades in the following ways:

1, You can drop to 8 Stonehenge Rd, SP4 8BN, Mon-Fri, We will receive your blades and I will be able to have them ready within 1-2 days. Please call me to arrange times.

2, You can post your blades to me.

Servicing and repairs may require spares that I need to order from my supplier, I will inform you of cost and waiting time before we proceed. Thank you to all my EQ customers that have recently had work done as this has been a busy time, Regards Rob.

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Who’s Cutting the Turkey?

Just a reminder to get your Turkey Knife sharp for Xmas Day.
I bet there will be more than just one meat on the table, and don’t forget to use a wooden block if possible to prolong a sharp edge. Call me to arrange a service I am nearly full with one weekend to go before Santa slides down your chimney.

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All comments from social media FB & local advertising, Thank you to all my customers who have commented on my work.

Great Service, really happy with my scissors.
Sophie, Amesbury. 5 Mar 16.*****

I was searching for somewhere locally to get my dressmakers scissors sharpened, but everywhere seems to send them off and they take a few weeks to be returned. Luckily I came across Stone Sharp who was very accommodating – I was able to drop my scissors off in the evening and pick them up in the morning, and all for the same price as the other places I’d looked at. I can’t fault the work, my scissors were perfect first time and I didn’t have to wait for them.
Thank you very much!
Dani, 17 Mar 16.*****

Very friendly service, very sharp chisels, would recommend!
Luke, Upavon. 25 Mar 16.*****

On behalf of Grade 1 Barber Shop. Absolute brilliant service and very prompt cheers Rob.
Dom, Tidworth. 6 Apr 16.*****

I am a dog groomer and this is the second time I’ve had Rob sharpen my scissors and clipper blades. I cannot recommend Stone Sharp enough a fantastic service, wonderful sharpening and a lovely guy always happy to help with quick turn around and a low price. Thank you Rob
Charlotte, Spikes Dog Grooming Salisbury, 30 July 16.*****

Great Service and very professional. Blades sharpened ready for more clipping. Many Thanks.
Michelle, Tidworth, 7 Oct 16.*****

Very quick service. Serviced my Lister clippers and all my blades. Very pleased. Thank you.
Louise, Andover, 8 Oct 16.*****

Had my wife’s Hairdressing scissors sharpened as I foolishly tried to do it myself. So glad they could be done superb service, highly recommended.
Robert, Amesbury, 9 Oct 16.*****

Great service and very quick turnaround will always use. Just want to say that I used this amazing company, called on Thu, Rob came out on Sat, all blades sharpened and a reasonable cost with great communication, highly recommend Stone Sharp, Thank You.
Mr & Mrs Nash-Steer, Durrington, 23 Oct 16. (Horse Clipper Blades)

I can recommend for sharpness of returned blades, price, communication and customer service. I will use you again.
Julia, Shrewton, 24 Oct 16. (Horse Clipper Blades)

Fantastic service and very quick. Had my Japanese steel hairdressing scissors sharpened and they are like brand new now! Definitely recommend.
Hannah, Amesbury, 8 Nov 16.*****

Great to the door service and at an incredibly reasonable price. My scissors feel brand new! Highly recommended!!
Kelly, (Tanning beauty hairdressing boutique), Larkhill, 19 Nov 16.*****

Fantastic service. Rob brought back to life a pair of my Nan’s pinking shears and adjusted them… completely over the moon and well recommended.
Laura, (Meelie Moo Creations) Durrington, 25 Jan 17.*****

Had both my cutting scissors done yesterday and they’re super sharp. Like new.
Scott, (Stylus Barbers) Salisbury, 25 March 17.*****

Rob has been doing scissors and blades for my job for ages, but I decided to do a review after he sharpened my kitchen knives. I got them off my sister years ago second hand and I have just been doing them myself but it got to a point I was going to throw them especially as one even had a broken tip. But im thrilled. They are all super sharp and they now just glide through everything. You wouldn’t even know that one was broken beforehand.
Ashlie, Tidworth, 18 June 17.*****

First time I have used Rob, first class job, 2 pairs shears and mower blade. Super fast service and communication. Unhesitatingly recommend.
Roger, Amesbury, 12 July 17.*****


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Electrical PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Most electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination but some types of defect can only be found by testing.

Stone Sharp will conduct this test as part of any service to electrical equipment to ensure it is safe to use and applies with UK regulation.

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Events & Village Support

If you are planning a village / group / business event and would like me to provide my service for the day in conjunction with Salons, Dogs, Horses or Community needs, give me a call I will be happy to help.

Date’s for the diary, We have had 4 Saturday’s with Lesley & Mac at Comfy Critters Pet Care Services which has been well received. I will be sharpening at their location Woodborough Garden Centre, SN9 5PF in 2017 on the following day Sat 7th October 2017 0900-1500 for all your items that need a service. Just turn up and have a potter around the shops while you wait! Thank You to all my customers & to Comfy Critters for hosting me.

I will be at Amesbury Carnival, Holders Rd, 17th June 2017 & Durrington Vintage Show, Recreation Rd 16th July 2017 to give advice and tips to maintain your equipment, Please do not bring knives to these event’s as I will be promoting my service and demonstrating what I can offer. Thank You.

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Circular Saw Sharpening

I am advertising to Kitchen Fitters and Joinery companies that use these blades as they constantly get blunt fairly quickly with prolonged use. Average cost £40+ for a new blade. I sharpen at 30 pence a tooth e.g. 40 teeth at £12 and I will sharpen at your location for a fraction of the price than a new one. You will save on postage and turnaround time within Wilts, Hants area. Give me a Call!

saw blade sharpener allow’s sharpening of carbide-tipped and CV (chrome-vanadium) saw blades featuring a diameter of 80 – 700 mm.


CV steel
CV (chrome-vanadium) saw blades are made in one piece. The blade core and the teeth are made of the same material. The teeth are wrenched in alternate directions, then hardened and ground. CV steel is rather elastic and excellent material for very sharp teeth with a lot of bite. You should use CV blades if you want to obtain a good quality cut in soft wood. If CV blades are not regularly resharpened, the blade will become useless because the increased friction of the blunt teeth will cause their tips to ?burn out?. CV blades are rarely used on hard wood and composite materials because they tend to wear out quickly.

TC blades
So-called TC (tungsten-carbide) blades have small hard-soldered tungsten-carbide chips as teeth. Hard metal teeth are extremely heat-resistant and stay sharp much longer, i.e. they have a much longer service life and are especially recommended for hard wood and composite material which more than justifies the higher price when compared to CV blades. These properties have made TC blades replace CV blades almost completely off the market for hand-held circular saws.

Please inspect your blades for damage, missing tips and chips before you give them to me as you will be responsible should you use them if damaged. I have the right to refuse sharpening if damaged as I take no responsibility for subsequent use.

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Convex & Bevel Edge Scissors

German-style shears have non-honed, beveled blades which are serrated to grip hair. “German-style” and “beveled” are interchangeable terms. Beveled shears produce a crisp cut, are durable and exceptional for dry and taper cutting, pretty good for wet and point cutting, and poor for slide cutting.

Japanese-style shears are honed, convex blades with a very sharp, more delicate edge. “Japanese-style” is synonymous with “convex”. Convex shears produce a softer cut, are exceptional for slide, wet and point cutting, very good for dry cutting, and pretty good for taper cutting.

A convex blade is slightly harder to sharpen and takes more time to finish thus being more expensive.

Convex and bevel

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Honing Steels v’s Sharpening

Just to clarify any confusion on using a steel on your knives I have added this for information as I tend to get asked this on frequent occasions, I will sharpen your blade by removing some of the steel to create a bevelled edge.

The naming (“honing” or “sharpening”) is often a misnomer, because the traditional “honing steel” neither hones nor sharpens a blade. Instead, its function is to realign a curled edge rather than remove metal from the edge. The term “hone” is associated with light maintenance performed on a blade without the effort and precision normally associated with sharpening, so the name “hone” was loaned. In the 1980s, ceramic abrasives became increasingly popular, and proved an equal, if not superior, method for accomplishing the same daily maintenance tasks; manufacturers replaced steels with ceramic (and later, manufactured diamond abrasive) sharpening “steels” that were, in fact, hones.

Lets do laymans terms:

Hone with a steel will straighten the edge (micro effect) to effectively feel sharp again but will eventually dull (round off the edge) with time and use.

Only a professional sharpen will remove some of the metal (slow wet grind) to create bevelled edges to become sharp again.